Translatome analysis tool

How it works:
1. FASTA files parser
You can upload existing FATSA-file with DNA sequences or select Refseq genome and study overall statistics for various properties such as GC-content, CpG-Islands, sequence length etc. Moreover, you can apply filters on each of that properties or their combination to see how it affects on other properties.
2. Numerics parser
We have created some basic parser for numeric values, for example, if you have files with expression data, you can upload them to our server and then watch for statistics and apply filters to select values by number range.
3. Combination of numbers and sequences
If your data can be merged with DNA sequences (for example, by their transcript ID), you can create a new project with all the needed files uploaded to study wether there may be difference of properties based on filter applied.
You will be able to create and save subsets based on different filters and then compare how properties are distributed for each of them.

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